Dining in Downtown Harrodsburg

C & T Market Deli

Soup and Deli Sandwiches. Minimal amount of seating available.

123 North Main Street

(inside the C&T Market)

Call (859) 734-2381

Harrodsburg Harvest Coffee Company

American (traditional).

Breakfast and Lunch.  

Serves breakfast, lunch, desserts, coffee and drinks

113 East Office Street

Open: Mon - Sat 8:00-4:00

Call (859) 605-2284

FB:  @HarrodsburgHarvestCoffee


Kentucky Fudge Company

The Kentucky Fudge Company is located in a treasured piece of  history  - an early American Drug Store. To walk through its doors is to step back into an era when the local pharmacy & soda fountain was the towns gathering spot.  While pharmaceuticals are no longer dispensed it has once again become a place where friends and family can gather for a meal, an old fashioned ice cream treat or their favorite fudge. 

225 South Main Street

Open Tues - Thur 10-4

Fri & Sat 10-10.  Closed Sun & Mon

Call (859) 733-0088 

FB: @kentuckyfudgecompany

Lafonda Mexican Restaurant

Mexican Cuisine.

121 South Main Street

Open M-Th  11-10p. Fri 11-10:30, Sat-Sun 11-10:30

Call  (859) 734-0033

FB:   @La Fonda

EM:  lafondamex@gmail.com

Loafers Grill

Lunch.  Sandwiches/burgers

110 East Broadway Street

Call  (859) 325-1780 

Olde Bus Station

Breakfast & lunch.   This restaurant is as the name suggests, the Old bus station.  It was a working bus station up until 1991. Even today, the restaurant gets calls about getting a bus ticket. This is a typical diner. They specialize in banana soft serve, in the summer months. In the winter, you can get banana splits and banana milkshakes.  

227 South Greenville Street

Call (859) 734-4202

FB  @oldebusstationrestaurant

Papa Johns

Pizza and drinks

minimal seating. Carryout/Delivery

106 North Greenville Street

Call  (859) 734-3434 

FB  @papajohnsdanville



The Skillet on Main

Opening Soon

112 South Main Street